Skin and hair care under the scorching sun

Skin and hair care under the scorching sun

How nice it is to finally enjoy the warm sunny days! However, excessive exposure to the sun can quickly lead to painful skin burns. That’s what Schussler’s therapists recommend for such complaints, which are common in the summer months.

How to assess the severity of the burn?

Red, inflamed skin after sun exposure is a sign of mild to moderate sunburn. The affected areas of the skin seem to “burn”, and the skin is “tense”, dry, and sensitive.
However, if the skin turns very red, blisters and swelling appear and the skin begins to peel off, this is a more severe sunburn. May be accompanied by fever, chills, nausea, etc. In these cases, it is necessary to seek help from a specialist doctor.

How to support natural regeneration?

Sunburn of mild and moderate severity can be treated quickly and effectively with natural remedies. As with any burn, cooling and deep hydration are of paramount importance.

At the first symptoms of redness and soreness of the skin, Shusler ointment No. 3 Ferrum phosphoricum can be applied topically to the affected areas. In Schussler’s therapy, mineral salt No. 3 is the first aid for injuries, bruises, and burns due to its rapid analgesic effect and for rapid relief of inflammatory processes. Iron phosphate supplies cells with sufficient oxygen to stimulate metabolism and thereby accelerate recovery. Its topical application in parallel with taking in the form of tablets is a good combination of salt No. 3 and salt No. 8 Sodium chlorate (to prevent dehydration). Take 1 tablet. Each salt every hour until the condition improves, and the ointment is applied several times during the first days.

Another common undesirable effect of sunlight is the appearance of age spots on the skin. They can surprise us both after a single tan, and when accumulating a long tan during summer vacation. Schussler’s salt No. 6 potassium chloride, which maintains an even distribution of melanin in the skin and protects against pigmentation disorders, can help prevent their appearance. You can combine the use of salt in the form of tablets and cream, taking 2 tablets 3 times. Daily Schussler’s salt No. 6 – during the entire period of intensive sun exposure and ointment No. 6 is applied 2 times a day to areas with hyperpigmentation.

Mineral protection of skin and hair.

Sunburn is a severe stressor for cells that experience a large loss of fluid. This is immediately noticeable by the feeling that the skin is tightened, and stretched. The structure of the hair is also affected by ultraviolet radiation. That’s why it’s so important to help the body regulate fluid balance and daily cell repair.

The combination of three Schussler salts No. 1 Fr Calcium Fluoratum, No. 8 Sodium Chloratum, and No. 11 Silica is effective in supporting this aspect. With their help, you can naturally activate and enhance the regeneration of the skin and hair. Salt No. 1, for example, is contained in the cells of the uppermost layer of the skin and gives the tissues the necessary elasticity and firmness. Salt for water balance — Salt No. 8 is important for maintaining good hydration of the body. As a building block of connective tissue, salt No. 11 provides the necessary strength and resistance. The combination of these three mineral salts is used in Schussler’s therapy for urgent hydration and regeneration of the body during periods of intensive sun exposure. Salt is drunk on 3 tablets. Each is distributed in the morning, afternoon, and evening. With an active lifestyle – for convenience,

How do Schussler salts work?

With a deficiency of certain minerals in the body, mineral salts created by Dr. Wilhelm Schussler in the 19th century naturally stimulate the body’s self-regulation and cellular metabolism. In this way, the regeneration of skin and hair, depleted or damaged after prolonged exposure to the sun, is stimulated.


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