Natural skin and hair care products in summer

Natural products for moisturizing the skin, washing the head, and cleansing the face – all can be useful both in everyday life and during summer holidays when the skin requires additional care due to the aggressive action of the strong sun and seawater.
It is important to provide the necessary products and accessories that you can take with you on vacation in the summer season.

Against sunburn: aloe vera gel

Sunburns are common due to the increasingly strong sun and summer heat.
This is why we need to provide effective skincare for sunburn, even though sunscreen remains a key element in protecting our skin and reducing the risk of skin cancer.
Thanks to its anti-inflammatory, healing, analgesic, and soothing properties, aloe vera gel quickly relieves sunburn.
Its mechanism of action is to deeply nourish the skin and stimulate cell regeneration.
Aloe vera gel soothes the sensation of heat and reduces the risk of blistering or scarring.
Aloe vera gel can also be used as a daily skin nourishing treatment.

Lavender essential oil – to relieve insect bites
Lavender essential oil is a very effective remedy for insect bites.
This oil has healing, analgesic, anti-infective and soothing properties.
Lavender essential oil acts on all types of insect bites.
All that needs to be done in such a situation is to apply a drop of lavender oil to the bite site every quarter of an hour until relief is felt.

To prolong tanning: carrot oil
Carrot oil is very rich in vitamin A and vitamin E.
This oil effectively prepares the skin for tanning and also prolongs it.
For prevention and preliminary skincare, it can be applied to the entire body, preferably one and a half months before the first exposure to the sun.
Carrot oil boosts the immune defense of the skin, which then produces more melanin.
In addition to these valuable properties, carrot oil contributes to a long-lasting and even tan throughout the summer.

Argan oil for dry skin
Argan oil is very valuable for moisturizing the skin.
It can be applied all over the body for deep nourishment and softening, and to protect the skin from dehydration.
The high content of fatty acids relieves irritation and accelerates the healing of the skin, especially in the presence of scars.
Suitable for all skin types, even sensitive and atopic.

Hard shampoo for hair care
Thanks to its small size, the solid shampoo fits easily in luggage and is easy to carry around.
In addition, the solid shampoo is easy to use and is also an economical and environmentally friendly product.
Choosing an organic solid shampoo reduces the use of harsh chemicals and scalp allergens.
Solid shampoos have a different composition depending on the type of hair and contribute to the delicate and complete care of the hair and scalp.


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