Atopic dermatitis – how to deal with it?

What is atopic dermatitis?

Atopic dermatitis is a disease known to many. This condition can occur in both men and women, and in children. Each pharmacy already has enough medical cosmetics at different prices, such as Biotrade, to use as a remedy for this kind of problem. Let’s take a closer look at this condition and the various benefits of treating it.

Atopic dermatitis is a chronic immune inflammation of the skin caused by hereditary factors and allergies (food, asthma, rhinitis). The disease is more common in children and less common in adults but is a sure sign of internal disorders in the immune system. When diagnosing atopic dermatitis, first of all, the treatment should be comprehensive and contribute to the normalization of the overall functions of the immune system. In this regard, immunostimulants play a key role in the treatment of atopic dermatitis.

What symptoms occur?

The symptoms of the disease are easily recognizable. Here is some information on the subject to make it easier for you to recognize the problem and start treating it. Here are the most basic ones:

Eczema on the skin – most often such eczema in children appears on the face, hands, and knees. In the elderly, it is also found on the back, abdomen, and groin;
Severe itching – the worst thing is severe itching. This can affect the quality of sleep and also cause unwanted stress on the body.
In half of the patients, the first signs of atopic dermatitis appear already in the first year of life. Of these, 75% of the first symptoms can be detected between the ages of 2 and 6 months. Less common are cases when patients are diagnosed with this condition between the ages of one and five years of age. The rarest case is the appearance of a clinical picture at the age of 30 and even at 50 years.

According to statistics, this problem occurs more often in men. Itching increases in the evening, possibly causing swelling of the skin. The period of exacerbation of the disease is characterized by the fact that papules and red spots appear mainly in the folds of the skin, behind the ears, and on the surface of the elbow or knee joints. The skin becomes dry and begins to peel off. Increased pigmentation around the eyes, extra connectors on the lower eyelid, as well as different skin colors, characterize atopic dermatitis.

What treatment can be applied?

Atopic dermatitis requires special skin care. There are a number of products, so-called emollients, which, by moisturizing, relieve some of the unpleasant symptoms.

Never self-medicate and always consult a specialist before taking any action against an illness. It is also good to wear clothing that does not irritate the affected area. A hypoallergenic diet is also one of the measures to be taken in the fight.

It is also important to take antihistamines to eliminate or at least soothe the itching. It is also a good idea to take detox medications that will help you quickly eliminate the allergen that supports the development of the disease. Use drugs that have anti-inflammatory effects, as well as antibacterial agents. Itching can be treated with sedatives.

Whatever you decide to do, always ask your doctor! And remember that this is a chronic disease that requires a fairly long-term treatment even in the absence of an exacerbation of symptoms.


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