8 tips for skin care for feet

Peeling with sugar

Sugar exfoliation is important because it encourages skin renewal, which slows down over time, and with shoes, leather tends to harden and become thicker.

It can be used to exfoliate after a shower or bath while the feet are still damp.

With an exfoliating glove, a gentle and circular massage is done, without scratching, so as not to injure the skin, especially the upper part of the foot, which is much thinner than the foot.

This improves circulation and makes it easier to exfoliate.

There are specially formulated foot scrubs that are usually made from fruit extracts and crushed seeds of certain fruits.

To apply the exfoliant, it is important to thoroughly rub the product over the entire foot, paying special attention to the heel and places where corns most often form.

Then rinse with water.

Nourishing with almond oil

After the feet are cleansed and exfoliated, they need to be moisturized.

There are many foot products to choose from: creams and lotions that refresh, nourish, or contain relaxing and circulatory herbal extracts.

Also useful are creams based on urea or fruit acids, which promote cell renewal and soften the skin.

One exfoliation a week is enough, but you need to moisturize every morning after a shower.

Foot massage

After a tiring day for your feet, there is nothing better than giving them rest with a relaxing massage.

It is recommended to use sweet almonds, sesame, or hazelnut oil, which are very nourishing and keep the skin elastic.

Massage should begin with the fingers: they are massaged one at a time, moving the joints well.

Then move on to the ankle, moving the joint gently, and finally to the top of the foot.

Onion juice

It is recommended to clean the feet once a week with a pumice stone or file, and then moisturize them.

Onion juice is a well-known home remedy for foot care.

It is made by cutting an onion in half, and removing the core and salt.

After a few hours, the onion is squeezed out and gauze or cotton wool is smeared with juice.

Vinegar bath

Just a few drops of lemon juice and mint infusion can provide proper foot care.

This bath has a relaxing and deodorizing effect.

Soak for sweaty feet – Add half a cup of apple cider vinegar to a bowl of warm water. Feet are immersed for 5-10 minutes.

This bath has an antifungal and deodorizing effect.

Ice bath for puffiness

When we get home, it is important to lift our legs and give ourselves an upward massage for about five minutes on each leg, without creams or oils, from the foot up.

Cold showers on the feet and lower legs will stimulate circulation.

Ice bath. Swelling after a hard day can be reduced by soaking your feet in a soak with water and ice cubes for 20 minutes.

In this case, the legs should be located above the head.

Shoe shine

Shoes absorb moisture from your feet, so it’s important to let them air out and dry between each wear.

Shoes are recommended to choose from natural materials, adapted to the shape of the foot.

Nail care

When trimming nails, it is important not to round them on the sides to avoid ingrown nails.

There is no need to cut or remove the cuticle.

Pedicure is recommended to be done with natural ingredients.

Regular nail polishes can contain formaldehyde and phthalates, as well as other harmful compounds.


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