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Mesotherapy of hair and body

Depending on the field of application, mesotherapy is used to solve various problems, and based on this, different substances are applied to it.

Mesotherapy is a method based on conducting surface microinjections into the mesoderm. The injection solution contains a wide range of minerals, vitamins, amino acids, nucleic acids, and coenzymes that can be adapted to the individual needs of each patient.

Hair mesotherapy is suitable for the treatment of hair loss, thinning of hair and dandruff. This procedure allows you to inject substances into the scalp to directly affect the hair follicle.

Mesotherapy for hair loss is used with great success, the treatment is painless and safe if it is carried out by a specialist. The necessary substances are delivered exactly where they are needed and thus stimulate the growth of hair follicles and improve blood circulation, stimulate the production of collagen, increase the size of follicles and stop hair loss. Usually, about 6-8 procedures are required to stimulate hair growth.

Thanks to the procedure, there is a complete restoration of the hair in terms of its shine and volume. Hair loss stops, new hair growth is observed, the structure of the hair is strengthened, and the deficiency of amino acids and trace elements in the hair is restored.

The procedure is used for severe hair loss and thinning caused by various stressful factors, such as pregnancy, anemia, and viruses, as well as after infection with covid-19, as a result of hormonal imbalance, after medication, autoimmune diseases, thyroid problems, and eating disorders.

Mesotherapy applied to the body area helps to eliminate cellulite by smoothing and tightening areas such as the hips, bridge, and abdomen. Anesthesia before the injection procedure provides comfort even for patients with a low pain threshold. Metabolic processes are stimulated, subcutaneous fat deposits and cellulite are reduced, blood circulation and lymph flow are improved, skin elasticity is increased, and stretch marks and scars are reduced. The applied therapeutic mesococtails contain lipolytic ingredients, enzymes, vitamins, and trace elements, as well as substances that improve lymphatic drainage and stimulate the synthesis of collagen and elastin. Suitable substances for injection are chosen by an aesthetic dermatologist depending on the problem being solved. Injection of mesococtails is carried out according to the scheme, and their composition can be constantly changed. The procedure does not require a recovery period.

The result is visible after 2-3 procedures, and the duration of the effect depends on the patient’s lifestyle. It is important that mesotherapy is combined with a healthy diet and good physical activity.

It is not used during pregnancy and lactation, infectious diseases, viral and bacterial skin infections, and oncological diseases.


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