Elegance in Self-Care: A Serene Spa Scene Symbolizing the Art of Skin Care and Beauty.

Even the most beautiful skin needs care

Even the most beautiful skin, if not taken care of, loses its luster. The cult of beautiful skin is embedded in fairy tales – just think about it: Snow White has snow-white skin and scarlet lips, she is not the beauty that subdues, but charismatically attractive with her tenderness; and vice versa, when a fabulous beauty wanted to hide her beauty, she smeared herself with soot and hid like a donkey skin.

Unkempt skin turns gray, and dirt accumulating on it during the day deprives it of its complexion and freshness. Alas, they have an adverse effect on her in-depth, as they clog her pores and she cannot breathe, she becomes greasy, the micro-processes of her nutrition and excretion of free radicals and other toxins are burdened, it is possible to cause inflammation. It quickly breaks down – it begins to lose its elasticity, an earlier tendency to form wrinkles appears, it relaxes.

Over time, inflammation in heavily soiled and unkempt skin becomes inevitable – when the pore is clogged with accumulations from the outside, and the secretions have accumulated and hardened inside, then, undoubtedly, she has no other mechanism left but to use her defenses and try to push out of the “foreign body”. There are elevations and bumps, redness, and the formation of pimples, sometimes it is not by chance that discomfort, irritation, and itching are felt, which, in fact, cause triumph and mechanical release from the “fat capsule”. Needless to mention, the process is also accompanied by an unpleasant shine and the inability to maintain high-quality and aesthetic makeup.

There is a myth that oily skin later ages and wrinkles – don’t get fooled by this, very often oily skin is dehydrated, and any dehydrated skin is prone to premature aging.

Before rushing to look for a cosmetologist to rid us of her imperfections, we should ask ourselves whether we are doing the necessary minimum for our skin and whether they are secondary, that is, they appeared because of ourselves. Why do we always brush our teeth twice a day, morning and evening, but forget to brush our faces so many times?

There are several rules for daily cleansing of the skin of the face:

  • First, the skin needs to be washed – in the morning and in the evening. In the morning – because while we sleep, it “self-exhales” and the impurities that got into it from the previous day are pushed to its surface. In the evening before going to bed to remove makeup and layers from its surface. In both cases, contamination must be removed, as they will prevent the absorption of nutrients from nutritious cosmetics, the use of which otherwise makes no sense.
  • Secondly, before going to bed, it is necessary to remove makeup with a suitable tool and tampons before proceeding to a complete cleansing of the skin of the face.
  • Thirdly, make-up removers and cleansers suitable for the skin type are always selected. For example, for dry skin, thicker consistencies are used, such as cleansing oil, milk, or balm, which do not dry it; for sensitive skin, a light lotion, coconut and almond oil, a gentle foam that does not cause irritation is suitable; for mixed and oily skin, gels and foams that are washed off with water and remove excess skin sala; Problem skin requires specialized makeup remover, such as makeup remover water or a gel with anti-acne components.
  • Fourth, in addition to daily care, the skin also needs additional care once or twice a week to remove dead cells of the epidermis – a special facial peeling is used for this. If the skin is sensitive, you can also use a konjac sponge, which acts as a mild exfoliating agent. And when it is greasy, a face mask should also be applied at least once a week. Masks, in addition to removing toxins, narrow pores and regulate sebum secretion. Using a suitable brush can also help to clean the pores of layered dirt and blackheads.
  • Fifthly, after cleansing the skin, a facial tonic should be applied, balancing its pH and narrowing the pores, only after applying serum and face cream.
  • And don’t forget that when you are on the road with a product like micellar water, you can achieve flawless and effective makeup removal and fast and high-quality facial cleansing.


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