Body care suitable for summer

Body care suitable for summer

Procedures that are carried out in summer must be taken into account with stronger sun and longer exposure to exposed skin. The use of sunscreen is essential, in addition to slowing down aging and preventing the appearance of pigmentation, as well as reducing the risk of developing melanoma. Procedures should be more gentle and not damage the epidermis. Some of them suitable for summer are products for fat reduction, cellulite, moisturizing, massage, and a certain type of laser hair removal.


Cryolipolysis is a procedure that reduces fat deposits in certain areas of the body by freezing and then destroying fat cells. In one cryolipolysis procedure, crystallization of about 30% of fat cells in the treated area is achieved. After the procedure, fatty acids are excreted from the body gradually, without causing stress to the body.

General or local anesthesia is not used as the procedure is completely painless. It is recommended to use at least 3 treatments for optimal results. Each zone can be repeated no earlier than in 45-60 days. The therapy lasts 70 minutes, and during the procedure, there is a cooling sensation that reaches -11 degrees Celsius, followed by numbness of the area.

The appropriate applicators are applied to different parts of the body depending on the treated area. In this way, two areas can be treated at the same time – thighs, arms, thighs, and abdomen. The advantage over invasive fat removal procedures is the painlessness of the therapy, the elimination of the risk of sagging and uneven skin, and the reduction of the recovery period.

Anticellulite massage

Anti-cellulite massage is a therapeutic massage in which accumulations of adipose tissue are moved and split by rhythmic movements. The sensation is stronger than with a relaxing massage, there is no way to remove skin roughness with a light patting on the skin. The therapy is suitable for men and women of all ages, regardless of their weight and physical structure. The appearance of the skin improves, the muscles move, and it helps to reduce cellulite and improve blood circulation. Several procedures are required to achieve the effect. The duration of one session is about 45 minutes; to achieve the maximum effect, it is recommended to do 5 to 10 procedures.


Mesotherapy is a medical procedure that involves the injection of substances based on hyaluronic acid. With this procedure, the middle layer of the skin is reached, in which biologically active substances are placed that support the synthesis of collagen and elastin, contributing to the improvement of the condition and appearance of the skin. In the case of mesotherapy, the disadvantage is slight discomfort during its implementation and the possibility of hematomas, which disappear within a week.

The procedure is universal and suitable for different parts of the body. It is most often used to mimic wrinkles, signs of skin aging, stretch marks, moderate fat deposits, cellulite, hair loss, etc. It usually takes about 20 minutes, depending on the size of the injection area. Already after the first procedure, the effect is visible – the skin is smoother and more elastic, without irregularities. Several procedures can be carried out at different times. Procedures are not recommended during pregnancy, breastfeeding, local infections, or oncological diseases.


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