The Society for Quality Of Life!

The Society for Quality Of Life (QOL) Research was established in 1997.

The purpose of this Society is to contribute to the development of QOL research through the research of various kinds of problems on the QOL of patients and normal people, to promote the QOL research, and to disseminate the research result.

This society necessarily is interdisciplinary. The members come from various kinds of scientific fields, for example, clinical medicine, pharmacology, epidemiology, psychology, clinical psychology, sociology, behavioural sciences, statistics, data analysis, data science, journalism, clinical psychosomatic medicine, and psychotherapeutic medicine.

We expect and believe that the patients will be able to receive comfortable and effective clinical treatment through the accomplishment of such research. The research meeting is held semi-annually. The results of the research are published in journals or reports of academic societies and in popular publications. The past and present research by this Society is summarized below, Classification of Ethnic Groups by human leucocyte antigen (HLA).

The type of HLA in the Japanese

Determination of QOL Questionnaire

Cancer Therapy and HLA type

Operation of the stomach cancer and QOL

Comparison of QOL among cancer patients of various organs, other patients and normal people

The Japanese attitude toward informed cancer

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